Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Timeline

Is there a Timeline with PSP? Can things speed it up?

By: Laura Louizos

So many factors can play apart in timeline. Some are slower progression and others can be very rapid. My mom we figure showed symptoms for a few years before proper diagnosis in late 2018. She declined very rapid and went from walking, occasional falls and full speech to walker/wheelchair, many falls and mumbled speech in 6 months. It seems to depend on type of PSP as some are more rapid progressing naturally, but then many other factors play a huge part IMO. Like anesthesia, falls/injuries, prior health, mental and emotional state of individual, support available... Many pass away from complications like pneumonia or UTIs....there are also many unfortunate falls and injuries suffered and resulting in death. With the proper support and knowledgeable medical team There is Help and Hope for many quality years if diagnosed early.

Never give up looking for the right doctors or support team until you find ones that understand PSP.

One thing I have learned after losing my Mom (63 years old) in May this year, is that it really didn’t matter how much time we had, it matter the quality of time we made of what we did have! My mom had UTI after UTI near the end and every time she had one or a cold and even after each surgery...she progressed rapid and could never recover fully. It took so much out of her each time.

Sending you all love and strength on this journey!
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