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Online Support Groups (CurePSP)

If you can't make it to a meeting and need support, check out these online support groups offered by CurePSP.  Attend them from the comfort of your home at your convenience!

Online Support Groups

3 Easy ways to Donate Today and help spread awareness and support to all who have been touched by PSP.

There is Hope and Support!

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Local Support Groups

Join us at one of the Local Meetings for a lively 2 hour discussion.  Monthly meetings, include valuable resources and a time for you to meet others going through the same thing!

Local Support Groups

Helpful Links and Resources!

Tons of great Links to the most helpful resources for PSP/MSA/CBD and Parkinsonism, all in one place!

There is Hope and Support! 

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Rossy PSP Centre in Toronto ON

A major Canadian PSP research centre which will contribute to a global effort directed at better understanding this complex neurodegenerative disease.

Only One in Canada!

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