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Online Support Groups (CurePSP)

If you can't make it to a meeting and need support, check out these online support groups offered by CurePSP.  Attend them from the comfort of your home at your convenience!

Online Support Groups

3 Easy ways to Donate Today and help spread awareness and support to all who have been touched by PSP.

There is Hope and Support!

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Local Support Groups

Join us at one of the Local Meetings for a lively 2 hour discussion.  Monthly meetings, include valuable resources and a time for you to meet others going through the same thing!

Local Support Groups

Helpful Links and Resources!

Tons of great Links to the most helpful resources for PSP/MSA/CBD and Parkinsonism, all in one place!

There is Hope and Support! 

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Rossy PSP Centre in Toronto ON

A major Canadian PSP research centre which will contribute to a global effort directed at better understanding this complex neurodegenerative disease.

Only One in Canada!

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Who We Are!

I started PSP Awareness to help support & spread Awareness throughout the communities and in the medical field for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and rare diseases. My Mom Coleen Cunningham was officially diagnosed in late 2018 with PSP after being misdiagnosed for a couple years. We can track symptoms as far back as 2015 in retrospect. My mom rapidly progressed after official diagnosis and unexpectedly but peacefully passed away in her sleep on May 18, 2019.

We struggled to find resources and supports for this rare neurological disorder and not many doctors or specialist we saw had even heard of it, 1 out of 10.  It was very frustrating and discouraging for all of us. I decided to make it my mission to find and provide the best care and resources for my mom, and I am now passing along my knowledge and experience in hopes it will help others! We have started to make some noise online and bring awareness and much needed attention to these rare diseases. Our Goal is to reach and support all those suffering and in need of support throughout our communities with PSP/MSA/CBD and other rare diseases. We also spread awareness and information to medical professionals about these diseases.

There is no known cause, treatment or cure - YET!

Help us change that!