Coleen's Hospice Care Homes

Our hospice care home project is focused on providing a stress- and worry-free environment for the individual and their family touched by Atypical Parkinsonism. Our homes will aim to provide a place where you can be a family and make memories, all while we take care of the arrangements and care required. Our care teams will have specialized training focused on Atypical Parkinsonism and the medical and caregiving challenges that come with it.

“No One Walks Alone”

Coleen’s Hospice Care Homes is a dedicated initiative by the Coleen Cunningham Foundation, inspired by the legacy of Coleen Cunningham. Our mission is to provide compassionate care and support to families affected by Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and other neurological disorders. Our approach integrates holistic care, comfort, and relaxation, ensuring that families can create cherished memories even during challenging times.

Project Launch

Stage 1: Coleen’s Retreat - Caribbean Respite Vacation Program

Launch Date: [To be Announced]

Coleen’s Retreat offers a unique respite vacation program in the serene and beautiful Caribbean. This program is designed to provide families with a much-needed break from their caregiving responsibilities, allowing them to rejuvenate and create special moments together.

Features of Coleen’s Retreat:

Location: Nestled in a tranquil Caribbean setting, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Accommodation: Luxurious, accessible accommodations tailored to meet the needs of individuals with PSP and their families.

Support Services: On-site medical and support staff available 24/7 to assist with any needs.

Activities: A range of recreational activities designed to promote relaxation and enjoyment, including beach outings, guided tours, and wellness programs.

Dining: Nutritious and delicious meals prepared by expert chefs, catering to specific dietary requirements.

Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance included, ensuring peace of mind during your stay. This covers medical emergencies, lost luggage, and other unforeseen events.

Stage 2: Standalone Hospice Care Home 

Launch Date: [To be Announced]

Following the success of Coleen’s Retreat, we will launch a standalone hospice care home, the location of which is currently being determined. This facility will offer comprehensive hospice care, combining medical, emotional, and spiritual support for individuals with PSP and their families.

Features of the Standalone Hospice Care Home:

Location: To be determined based on accessibility, community support, and serene surroundings.

Comprehensive Care: Specialized medical care, pain management, and emotional support provided by a team of experienced professionals.

Comfortable Living: Private and comfortable rooms designed to create a home-like atmosphere.

Family Support: Counselling and support services for family members, including respite care options.

Holistic Approach: Incorporating therapies such as massage, art, and music therapy to enhance quality of life.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in this journey of compassion and care. Whether you are a family member in need of support, a healthcare professional looking to contribute, or a donor wanting to make a difference, your involvement is crucial to our success.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by PSP and other neurological disorders.

For more detailed information or to get involved and support our initiatives, please contact us at or to Donate please click here.

In Memory of Coleen Cunningham 
December 16, 1955 - May 18, 2019


About Us: 

The Coleen Cunningham Foundation serves individuals and families dealing with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD).


The Coleen Cunningham Foundation (CCF) is dedicated to honoring the legacy of Coleen Cunningham by providing comprehensive support to individuals and families affected by Atypical Parkinsonism. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those impacted by these rare neurological disorders through compassionate care, advocacy, and education. We strive to foster a supportive community, offer respite and hospice care, and advance the understanding and management of Atypical Parkinsonism.


1. Provide Compassionate Respite and Hospice Care

  • Respite Vacations: Offer families affected by Atypical Parkinsonism the opportunity to create cherished memories through specially designed respite vacations.
  • Respite Hospice in the Caribbean: Establish a dedicated hospice facility in the Caribbean that provides comprehensive care and relaxation for families, ensuring a serene environment for both patients and caregivers.

2. Support and Empower Families and Caregivers

  • Support Groups: Facilitate regular support group meetings to provide emotional and practical support for caregivers, patients, and families.
  • Educational Resources: Develop and distribute educational materials to help families and caregivers understand and manage the complexities of Atypical Parkinsonism.
  • Advocacy: Advocate for the needs and rights of those affected by Atypical Parkinsonism at both the local and national levels.

3. Advance Medical Understanding and Management

  • Collaborative Research: Partner with medical institutions and researchers to support studies aimed at understanding Atypical Parkinsonism and developing effective treatments.
  • Medical Insights and Training: Provide healthcare professionals with the latest insights and training on Atypical Parkinsonism to improve patient care.

4. Promote Awareness and Education

  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Conduct campaigns to raise public awareness about Atypical Parkinsonism and the challenges faced by those affected.
  • Educational Events: Host seminars, webinars, and workshops to educate the public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about Atypical Parkinsonism.

5. Foster a Supportive Community

  • Online Community Platform: Create and maintain an online platform where individuals and families can share experiences, find support, and access resources.
  • Engage with Stakeholders: Build partnerships with organizations, companies, and individuals dedicated to supporting neurological disorders to enhance our outreach and impact.

6. Expand Global Reach

  • International Collaboration: Work with international partners to share knowledge, resources, and best practices in the care and management of Atypical Parkinsonism.
  • Resource Distribution: Ensure that educational and support materials are accessible to a global audience, reaching as many affected individuals and families as possible.

Commitment to Excellence

At the Coleen Cunningham Foundation, we are committed to excellence in all our endeavors. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of care, compassion, and professionalism in our services, ensuring that every individual and family we support receives the best possible assistance and guidance.

Together, we can navigate the challenges of Atypical Parkinsonism, creating a brighter future for those affected by this condition.

No One Walks Alone!

Laura Louizos
Executive Director
Coleen Cunningham Foundation for
PSP Awareness

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