Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Guilty Pleasures

Favourite food, alcoholic drink or guilty pleasure?!

By: Laura Louizos

When it comes to their favourite food, alcoholic drink or guilty pleasure who are we to stop it as long as there is no direct negative effect or pain caused. Now with that said I feel and so did my mom...that nothing can really be “negative” after a PSP diagnosis. Since there is no treatment or cure my mom would say “Why the hell not what’s it going to do kill me!” 

Yes a candy apple a day or coffee from Tim Hortons everyday was not great for her...but what were we waiting for and stopping it for? She wanted to live a long healthy life but it didn’t turn out like that. Mom was dealt a sh**ty hand and played it out the best she could! She fought courageously and so brave. I am so proud to call her Mom! 

Mom had a candy apple a day at times lol and smiled every time! I thank god I did not stop her from enjoying the things she loved....But we discussed it and she made it clear that she wanted to die on her terms. 

I always say to myself well maybe if we...or maybe if we didn’t... but it does no good, as we all do the best we can with what we have and that’s all we can do! 

Sending you love and strength on this journey and you do what you feel is best! 

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