UTI's in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy PSP

UTIs with PSP

By Laura Louizos

My Mom had a very strong smell to her urine and even more so when a UTI was present. It is very important to stay on top of UTIs with PSP as they can become tricky fast. We bought home testing strips that we could test at home to save on trips to the doctors. The UTIs became a hassle and a bit tougher to treat as the disease progressed. A couple of them for my mom required multiple antibiotic treatments before clearing. They also can affect PSP patients differently from others. My mom didn’t show the common symptoms. Most of the time there was no fever, just a stronger smell and sometimes abdominal discomfort.

Always better to be safe than sorry with UTIs. I had a running script at the pharmacy for moms antibiotics. Still always have a sample before and after but anytime test at home showed positive we started antibiotics. If we were late starting them, they lasted longer and had more negative lasting side effects.

Sending you hugs and strength
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