Red light therapy (RLT) for PSP, MSA, CBD, Atypical Parkinsonism

Red Light Therapy (RLT) with PSP, MSA, CBD

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can't see, but your body can feel as heat. Red light is similar to infrared, but you can see it.

Here is a post from Colleen Turner on a treatment they are trying with her mother who has PSP.

Has anyone else tried red light therapy? We would love to hear if it has helped others as well.

Colleen Turner wrote;
Hi everyone,
I'm my mother's carer and want to share her treatment news. My mother (79) was diagnosed 5 weeks ago with PSP after another fall. She has high cholesterol, had asthma that vanished when she moved, low bone density and the common toenail fungus. Loss of smell when she was around 27 and around her 50’s loss of taste except for salty and sweet. Other than that, she is healthy.

Her symptoms were:
Blurred vision.
Permanent double vision for over 7 years.
Loss of lower gaze.
Rapid eye movement.
Poor motor skills.
Persistent soft cough, said it's like a tickle in her throat that won't go away.
Makes odd soft groaning noises like she was in pain.
Loss of balance.
Frequent need to pee every 20minutes to 1 hour (no uti found).
Not engaging in conversation.
Slow to respond.
Limited vocabulary.
Complained of being stiff.
Hearing loss.
Tapping on everything.
Obsessive behavior ie she had to pick everything up with her hands off the floor, even a speck of dust, she couldn't stop herself.
Gaping of mouth.
Startled expression.
Trouble getting the words from her head to her mouth.
Watery eyes.
Loss of appetite.
Choking on everything.
Memory loss.

A couple of years ago I found about red-light treatment and looked back into it when she finally got a diagnosis. I read through many papers, watched many videos and decided to try Vielight which is being used in clinical trials for Parkinson's. I brought straight from the company Vielight the Alpha and X-plus (this is what was recommended to try by Vielight, they made it very clear that this is not a FDA approved treatment).
I want to state that my mother has very little else wrong with her so her results might be very different to others. I also started her on Q10 coenzyme liposomal 300mg. The treatment sessions are morning and night.

We are now 2 weeks and 4 days in.
Her vision is clear. (Happened after first morning treatment)
Her double vision has been coming and going the last few days and is staying away longer.
She is talking more and more each day, says she finds it easier to get her thoughts in to verbal words. Today she even gave singing a go, hasn't sung in 10 odd years now.
She said she doesn't feel so stiff.
Her gaping mouth has closed up.
Her eyes can flick ever so slightly downwards.
She is gaining her sense of smell back, I tested her blind folded and she could tell me correctly which things she smelled blindfolded.
She is starting to taste different things.
Fine motor skills have picked up, she is more able to get food onto to her spoon with ease.
Her balance has improved, not to the point she can run around on her own unaided at this point, but it's much more controlled.
Says she feels so much happier.
She is more alert and interested in her surrounds.
Is now asking questions. Would just sit there quiet and smile.
Hearing has improved.
Is putting on weight as she's eating more.
Says she no longer feels foggy in the brain.
Persistent cough gone.
Odd pain groaning gone.
Less choking, she finds it easier now to swallow.
Is less confused.
Is showing interest in doing activities.
Responding to questions is faster and you can hold a conversation with her.
Startled wide eye expression is gone.
Obsessive behaviors are curbing.
Remembering more.
Rapid eye movements slowing.
Tracking my finger, her eyes are following more smoothly.
Getting up more easily.

I can't say if everyone would have these results or as fast as my mother, as there could still be undiscovered diseases out there that mirror PSP symptoms, or other health conditions that interfere in the treatment or length it takes for people to respond. Everyone will be different.
I hope this review helps someone who is looking for information by actual real people that have used the product and their experience. For me there was nothing to lose and only everything to gain, so I gave it a go for my mum and she has gotten lucky.
Hugs to all of you. Colleen Turner

Here is a video about it!

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Please could you help advise me. My poor mother has been on Parkisons medication for 2 years to no effect and has been told she has PSP.
What products do you recommend i purchase for her and do you send to UK?

My best wishes.

Dan Foxley

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