US FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation for Retrotope’s RT001 in the Treatment of Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy (PSP).


LOS ALTOS, CALIF, February 18, 2020– Retrotope announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Orphan Products Development granted orphan drug designation for its chemically-modified polyunsaturated fatty acid drug (RT001) for the treatment of Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy (PSP). Physicians collaborating with Retrotope have previously received approval from the FDA’s Division of Neurology Products to test RT001 in Expanded Access trials of three patients having PSP, an orphan neurodegenerative disorder that causes progressive impairment of balance and walking; impaired eye movement, abnormal muscle rigidity; dysarthria; and dysphagia...

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  • At what stage is one with PSP eligible for the trial? My father is in the last stages.

    Caroline Browder
  • My hubby listed above “Syd” Dann has PSP, diagnosed a little over a year ago…had it several years prior (as most people)…before getting a diagnosis. Any chance of getting him started on this new exciting drug.

    Joseph Sydney Dann
  • My mother is suffering from PSP (we live in Maine) and wondered about being able to try this drug??

    Tammi Jones
  • You can contact Sarah
    She is the Clinical Cordinator for this.

    PSP Awareness
  • Where do PSP patients get involved.Such a horrible disease

    Ellen Baker

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