Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Demands and Changes

Do your loved ones become more demanding?

By: Laura Louizos

Yes this disease seems to do this. My mom became impatient (she wasn't before)   My Dad and I laughed when ever mom would finish her meal and tell one of us to stop eating and get her desert...then as one of us was getting it she would be pretty demanding (not in a bad way) about getting her a fork and warm it up....Then if you let the desert sit in the microwave for more than 1 second after it beeped, she would remind you to get her desert lol

❤️😇 I miss it now and would trade anything for it back, but yes at the time it was very exhausting. 

She also wanted me to be there always (I was her caregiver with my Dad). I had no problem and was honoured and thankful I was in the position to do so. The seem to latch onto a particular person or caregiver. It was very hard and put stress on a lot of relationships BUT it was for Mom...I owe her more than I could ever repay her. 💖 My husband was and is my rock! He was the reason I could stay home with my Mom for her final 8 months!

One thing I kept telling’s the disease and not her. 

Sending you love and strength on this journey 💖🙏


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