PSP Awareness Ride in Australia May 2, 2021

PSP Awareness Ride in Australia May 2, 2021

MAY 2, 2021



10:00am Meet at Wangaratta APCO Service Station
10:30am Stands up for a Ride to Caffeine & Machine Rutherglen
*Lunch and a Talk on PSP will be given, followed by a Car & Bike Show
Trophies Provided for all Categories.

PSP is a rare neurological condition affecting the parts of the brain that control walking, eye movements, balance, speech, and swallowing,  Symptoms can be managed with a range of therapies and treatments, but symptoms become progressively worse over time.  There are currently around 1300 Australians diagnosed with PSP, although many others may have the condition but are wrongly diagnosed with a similar condition.

PSP information and Support is available by contacting;
Parkinson's Victoria on 1800 644 189 or (03) 8809 0400

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PSP Awareness Ride Australia May 2, 2021 Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

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